Fantasy RxJS

RxJS is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs by using observable sequences. It is great when you code in vanilla JS, with Ember, React, Angular, Vue or Svelte.

This newsletter is designed for people who want to have a complete knowledge about RxJS and be able to use it more in a day to day scenarios. It makes learning RxJS extremely easy and a fun experience.

Fantasy RxJS Features

Learning async coding in a fun way

Don't learn, understand

With this course you will _understand_ RxJS, not only learn about it

Real life use cases

Practical examples based on big commercial projects

Tips & tricks

Learn how professionals use RxJS for better coding

Visual learning

If you learn by imagination and visuals, it is for you

Learn in your pace

You can schedule learning any time you like

3D animated GIFs

It is even better than static marbles!

Boost your memory

The newsletter will make you love to use RxJS

The way to 'get' RxJS

Learning RxJS can be easy. Take a look at these animated GIFs. Visualisations, fantasy examples and real life use cases will make you learn with fun.

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About This Newsletter

Practical knowledge for successful get-go

Asynchronous and event based programming is the cornerstone of modern web development. With this newsletter you will learn RxJS library so you can solve problems like a breeze

Course Benefits

  • You will be able to increase app performance by handling only important events.

  • Choosing a proper set of RxJS operators will be as easy as pie.

  • You will deliver better, safer and easier to maintain code.

  • Solving race conditions and parallel requests issues will become a pleasure.

  • You will be able to destroy the RxJS learning curve for your team mates.


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Yes, it is 100% free.


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Yes, you can!


Do you run a course or have an ebook about RxJS?

I am working on both. You will receive info, when these will be ready.

About Author

Who will teach you

Tomasz Smykowski

I am programming for 20 years, with 16 last years focused on web development. For last four years am working as a senior software development consultant. Working with JavaScript, TypeScript and all major frameworks like React based ones, Next.js, Angular and Ember gives me practical experience on how to provide solutions across various industries.

Since the start of my professional experience I am working also as a educator and teacher running dev trainings, acting as mentor, providing support on StackOverflow (I am in TOP 2% of users there). I am an author of books, podcasts, blogs and articles about programming. Actively supporting the community for 16 years gives me a unique perspective how to teach dev. One of my latest projects you can be familiar with is Summon The JSON or Assistant for Vscode.


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